Rep. Yakym Pro-Israel Initiatives 

Oct 17, 2023
National Defense

Rep. Yakym Pro-Israel Initiatives 

TOPLINE: Congressman Yakym has co-sponsored six bills and signed on to three letters that address various aspects of Hamas’ unprovoked terrorist attack on Israel. 

  • Original co-sponsor on the McCaul-Meeks resolution condemning the October 7th attacks on Israel and supporting Israel’s right to defend itself.  
  • Original co-sponsor on Rep. Nunn’s resolution condemning the Hamas’ terrorist attacks on Israel.  
  • Signed two letters to President Biden calling for the administration to refreeze the $6 billion that were released as part of the U.S.-Iran prisoner swap in September. Additionally, the letters calls for the U.S. to limit Iran’s access to other financing and enforce sanctions Iranian oil exports to China.  
  • Signed a letter to President Biden thanking him for his continued support of Israel and outlining additional steps to take to hold Iran and Hamas accountable. 
  • Co-sponsored two bills that would refreeze the $6 billion the Biden Administration released as part of the U.S.’ prisoner swap with Iran back in September. 
  • Co-sponsored the Iran Nuclear Verification Act which prevents the U.S. from rejoining the JCPOA or a similar agreement unless UN nuclear inspectors are allowed full access to Iran’s nuclear facilities and complete a comprehensive report to Congress. 
  • Co-sponsored H.R. 5917 Strengthening Tools to Counter the Use of Human Sheilds Act whichallows the President to sanction individuals of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad or related organizations that direct the use of civilians as human shields.  

Co-sponsored Legislation 

  • U.S.-Israel Future of Warfare Act which would support research and development for emerging warfare technologies like AI and quantum computing.  
  • MAHSA Act which toughens sanctions on Iran’s leadership for human right abuses and support for terrorism.
    • Passed the House in September.  
  • Special Envoy for the Abraham Accords Act creates a Special Envoy for the Abraham Accords at the Department of State to ensure they continue to advance and develop in a robust and meaningful way.
    • Passed the House in June. 
  • Fight CRIME Act led by Reps. McCaul and Meeks which would urge the administration to seek the extension of U.N. restrictions on Iran’s ballistic missile program and tighten U.S. missile sanctions.
    • Passed the House in September. 
  • Stop Harboring Iranian Petroleum Act (or “SHIP Act”) authored by Reps. Lawler and Moskowitz would impose sanctions on foreign ports and refineries in China and elsewhere that process oil from Iran in violation of U.S. sanctions.   
  • U.S.-Israel Partnership and Abraham Accords Enhancement Act of 2023 led by Reps. Wilson and Phillips aims to strengthen the Abraham Accords and reauthorize U.S.-Israel joint programs.  
  • Countering Hate Against Israel by Federal Contractors (CHAI) Act would prohibit federal agencies from contracting with businesses that participate in the boycott, divest, and sanctions movement.  

Co-Signed Letters 

  • Signed a series of five letters that push the EU, Canada, India, the UK, and Australia to designate the IRGC as a terrorist organization.  
  • Signed a letter stating that Iran will face severe consequences including reinstating sanctions that were removed under the JCPOA if it continues to advance to its nuclear program.  

Appropriations Requests  

  • Submitted eight appropriations requests that would support Israel and foster continued implementation of the U.S.-Israel security MOU signed in 2016, including funding for Iron Dome, development of anti-tunneling technology, increased energy security programs, developing and implementing technology to counter drones, and others.  

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